Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's Your Signature Color?

Ever since that famous "blush and bashful" line from Steel Magnolias, I've always loved the idea of having a signature color. And even better - to take it one step further and personalize it.

In or out, I've always gravitated to pastels. Either as a backdrop or as a full theme...both interiors and ensembles...those pale, ethereal shades are my true north when it comes to color.

So when you say you have a favorite color - a signature color, if you will - what does that mean? Is is bright or pale? Or does it depend on the venue? Do you like a lot of it or just a splash? Or does it depend on the day?

Pick a color - any color:

I have to say - it's hard to decide... But I do respect a girl who is bold enough to make her signature colors "pink and pink."

Images via: A Life Through the Lens, Sherrill Canet, Elizabeth Dinkel, Maureen Footer, Angie Hranowsky, Hillary Thomas, Palmer Weiss, Michael S. Smith, the lil bee, Wren and Chickadee


  1. mmmm... I think on any given day, I could be any of those colors! I have most in my home in some way or another except for the jewel green.... love all the images today..and my lipstick..that is always pink and pink! :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Part of the problem of my day job is that I appreciate so many colors! But my fave is definitely Kate Spade green :)

  3. My favorite is currently aqua. With bright orange a close second!

  4. pops of lime green probably still my favorite!
    or blends of blues and greens

  5. Thank you for including our nursery, kate!

  6. I would choose a slate blue favorite is always changing! ♥


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