Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Color and A Lovely Surprise!

I feel like I'm seeing peonies everywhere right now. Are they in season? I should really learn more about gardening, now that we don't have to worry about toddlers picking flowers and digging dirt out of pots...

I bought some for a floral arrangement this week, but I don't know if any blooms are quite as charming as those still on the bush.

Here is one from my neighbors' yard:

Don't you love that little "shrinking" violet peeking out?

It puts me in a mood for some shades of pink...

Something else making us very happy right now is a mention our website got in the Key West Citizen:

In addition to writing a regular feature for The Citizen, Leslie Linsley has a great little shop on Nantucket where she lives in the summer. And she just opened a new one in Boston. She does fabulous decoupage pieces that she sells among other accessories. Visit her website to see her work.

And thanks again to our wonderful designer, Fabulous K Creative!

"Pink" images via: Better Homes & Gardens, Brabourne Farm, High Gloss Magazine, Ruthie Sommers and Thornton Designs.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Subtle Take on Key West Colors

Some new pieces in the shop were just pulled together for a lovely little pale blue and beige color story.

When people think "Key West," their first impression is usually that of splashy color and seashell motifs. And that wouldn't be at all off base! But there are so many other variations on the island color palette. Not every corner of Key West is a festival of bright colors. There are quiet shady spots and serene ocean views.

In general the Style Key West philosophy is to use color to express personality in your home. And this is a perfect example of the subtle side of island color.

(Keepin' it real with a splash of turquoise of course...)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My New Favorite Couple: Jill Rosenwald and Lawrence McRae

On Saturday, I attended a pottery show for these two amazing Boston-based artists.

One of my best friends saw online that I had recently become a fan of Jill's work (see the Wishing True blog post HERE), and immediately e-mailed to say that she not only owned several pieces, but was attending a show that weekend.

Is that fated or what?!

Here are some pictures I took at the show:

This is also where I discovered the work of Jill's husband, Lawrence McRae.

I didn't take as many pictures of his work (only because there was less natural light where it was displayed and I'm still working on my very limited photography skills), but here are some of my favorite pieces in his Etsy shop:

In case you were wondering, that third picture that I took is a close up of the last lamp (Trudeau in Nairobi) above.

While Jill's work is all about painted designs, graceful shapes and bright, bold colors, Lawrence's has a more organic feel with patterned cutouts and rich glazes. Both styles are equally unique and distinctive, and I would recognize either immediately.

Jill's blog is a great resource for more information on their design process and inspiration (I loved this post on Lawrence's process), but you can also find a great little "tour" on her website's About page (click the arrows in the upper right corners to page through).

How dumb was I to not request a picture with Jill at the show? I was so excited about my new camera (and trying to actually use it properly, novice that I am) that I forgot that I could take a pictures of people too. Then I left it on a counter while chatting with the artist and had to come back for it twenty minutes later.

Well, here's a super cute picture of Jill from her website:

It was such a pleasure to meet her. I'll be back next year (oh yes - this is an annual event!) with better photography skills and more money for shopping!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Color: Spring Green

As spring advances toward summer, the explosions of blossoms are slowly fading into shades of green. I've always found myself drawn to interiors that reflect these warm weather hues...

Hey - it's a Dash & Albert rug!


On Saturday I attended a fabulous ceramics show for Jill Rosenwald Studio. She and her husband, Lawrence McCrae design the most beautiful collections of lamps, vases, bowls and trays. If I had the money, I very possibly would have walked out of there with one of everything! I'll write more about this tomorrow, but here are a couple of my favorite pieces (I actually tweeted them from my iphone while browsing.)

Check back tomorrow for more!

"Green" images via: Brabourne Farm, Country Living, Decorati, House & Home and Martha Stewart

Friday, May 20, 2011

Colorful Interiors by Kate Lewis

This week, Anna Spiro (one of my absolute favorites!) featured  this painting by Kate Lewis.

I immediately looked up her portfolio and promptly fell in love. I've mentioned once or twice (or fifty times) on my Wishing True blog that I am a sucker for paintings and illustrations of interiors...

The loose lines and bright pops of color - and of course the textile details - are so charming. There is life and movement in her pieces that convey a feeling of home. And THAT is what takes paintings of interiors from pretty depictions to fine art.

I mean - in my own educated opinion...

To see more visit her website and follow her blog!

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