Monday, January 4, 2010

An Introduction...

Hi! I'm Kate, from The Big Piece of Cake and Wishing True.

This is a project that I'm working on with Jo and Terry Coveny, owners of the lovely home furnishings shop, Style Key West in - you guessed it! - Key West, Florida.

They are also my parents.

It's been eight years since they decided to throw caution to the wind and quit their jobs to make a move from Washington, DC to the Keys. And they haven't looked back once. Okay - maybe a few times to lament the limited time they get to spend with their grandchildren (sniff, sniff) - but they love their island and couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

My mom, Jo was a well established Interior Designer in Washington, working for the The Kellogg Collection with high profile (code for "discerning and demanding") clients on high budget projects. While she loved her design work, she always dreamed of owning her own shop, and when they decided to make the move to Key West, they made that dream a reality.

When he's not busy at the shop, my dad, Terry follows his own passions, taking care of the tropical paradise they call their garden, and planning wine tasting events for the Key West chapter of Tasters Guild (founded by him when he discovered that Key West didn't have one).

Style Key West represents both my mother's design aesthetic and the spirit of Key West living. The furniture is as comfortable as it is elegant. Textiles and accessories reflect the vibrant colors of island life. Basically, it's luxury meets whimsy against an aqua, lime and coral backdrop.

It's taken time to cultivate this collaboration of taste with a twist. And when Jo first arrived, she had to reassess her very classic style that was so influenced by conservative Washington. But that is what makes Style Key West so unique.

You can't take sophistocation out of the girl, but you can add a splash of fuchsia to her decor.

Color has always been the backbone of this style evolution. Key West is a town of color. Colorful sunsets over sparkling water. Colorful seashells and storefronts. Colorful shutters on Conch houses. And colorful people who fill the streets with festivals and parades.

This is the life that my parents have chosen. And through their shop, they try to bring that life color to their customers' homes.

This is a blog about not just their business - but their life. And I hope you'll come visit often!


  1. The shop looks lovely, as do the owners!

  2. Oh, the shop, their house, the smiles-- I love your parents, Kate! :)

  3. Kate, thanks for inviting me! I can't wait to watch this all unfold. I am still decorating our house (two years later!), so I'll definitely be looking for great ideas from your parents.

  4. Style Key West is a true gem of a store. Our condo has an entirely new look thanks to you, a fresh, bright, beach cottage look that makes us happy whenever we walk in, which is especially great when we escape the drab winter up north. We've had the pleasure of meeting and working with Caroline. Hope to meet Jo and Terry, too.

  5. I am so happy to find this post...I have a house in Summerland Key - and I am always looking for local places to find decor and accessories...and I usually dont have much luck!! I will have to look up the location and come in for a visit.

  6. Terry, Mike Augustoni Here! hows it going man, long time no see or hear. You look great in that chair. I'm now living in florida and looking for a job. Nothing yet and man a what a tuff economy. Just finished my Global Creative Directors job with UL ( underwriters Laboratories ) it took 8 years and 186K miles, around the world a few times. Anyway how are you and Jo doing? the store looks great. If you get a chance call me at 312-806-3007 or email me at or Once again great to see you
    hope to hear from you.



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