Friday, January 22, 2010

Shop Favorite: The Bed

We fell in love with this bed and bought it because it looked so much like the architechture of Victorian cottages with their signature "gingerbread" trim.

It's made by hand in upstate New York by a family who got their start making furniture out of architectural salvage from demolished houses. Now, years later, they reproduce those elements to create the furniture and then give each piece a custom distressed finish.

It is the most attention getting piece in our shop - a real eye-catcher. We put it in the front display window and change the bedding to show off new quilt and bedding designs. I would say half our new customers who walk in want a closer look at The Bed.

We don't sell that many of them because it is really large scale, but it truly captures the spirit of the Key West Cottage style. The funny thing is, women come in and ecstasize over it, then leave and reappear with a male companion (husband, boyfriend, carpenter...who knows what). They have lots of furtive conversations while examining the bed in detail looking underneath, taking measurements - obviously aiming to make their own version. They then slip out as if we wouldn't notice. I'll bet Key West has many ersatz reproductions of The Bed made by handymen all over the island. I say, great - if they can scale it down to fit in a little room, good for them. Enjoy - it's a wonderful bed!

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