Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Mahogany Grove

I’ve always been interested in Bonsai plants, even before The Karate Kid. Unfortunately, I don’t have the patience to sit and meditate in front of a miniature tree for hours to determine which leaf should be sacrificed. I use the “massacre approach” which I think was banned in Japan in the 14th Century.

Here’s one of my recent efforts, a grove of six (one-year old) Mahogany trees in a 6” X 8” pot (4” deep).

Sure… everyone’s familiar with mahogany wood furniture, but have you ever seen a Mahogany tree in person? Here are two views of the one that grows in my side yard.

This tree stands about sixty feet high with a 75-foot plus wingspan. So how do you get six Mahogany trees in one itty-bitty pot? Well, you start with 6 itty-bitty seedlings like this one.

And then if you’re blessed with dumb luck, you get a grove of Mahogany trees…

…that will never know just how big a deal they could have been.

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