Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Piece of Paradise

Kate introduced us yesterday, but I'd just like to say how excited Terry and I are about this new site. We've been reading Kate's blogs since she started them and love the idea of having our own space to talk about our work, our pastimes and the incredible piece of paradise that we call home.

Terry has always been a wonderful photographer and he's taken many pictures of the landscaping around our house and pool. As well he should since he did most of it himself. I'd like to share some images of what we see when we look out our window:

This is a picture of the back of our house.

All of the windows and French doors provide a flood of light in our living room and dining room. They were a huge selling point when we first looked at the space.

But what really sold us was the large yard since it would mean Terry could create the outdoor paradise that we craved while living in our Capitol Hill townhouse with its postage stamp sized back patio.

I'm not sure how he got this aerial view since our house is only one story. Maybe he climbed up on the roof? Maybe I don't want to know...

That porch-like structure behind the pool is our "loggia" and it's really just a patio with a roof attached to a small studio space (where our son paints).

The previous owner had left a large dining table and chairs (hideous of course). And since we had tons of home improvement projects to complete, we just used the existing furniture until we had the time and money to look for something better. Now eight years later we've FINALLY replaced the old stuff with a great seashell themed table and comfortable chairs.

The table would be a bit over the top for our indoor decor, but it's perfect for outdoor dining in the Keys. I'm so pleased to finally have better furniture since we do eat most of our meals outside when the weather is nice.

Another project of Terry's was designing and building, brick by brick, this circular Spanish style fountain.

I love to hear the trickling water when I'm out by the pool. Very soothing.

In fact, I consider this space to be our little sanctuary since everywhere you look is filled with colorful foliage and there is always something beautiful in bloom.

Did I mention that Terry has been breeding award winning hibiscus flowers for the past 30 years? I certainly married a man with interesting hobbies!

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Tomorrow we'll show you some Key West local color in the way of an annual parade. For wiener dogs. I'm serious!

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