Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Meet Caroline: Part II

A big part of my dream to open a home furnishings shop in Key West was to have a team of designers working on the various projects that came our way. And when I say "team" I mean not just me.

I've always found that some of the best work is a product of collaboration. When like-minded designers bring their various strengths to the table, the possibilities are limitless.

And I have absolutely found my design soul mate in Caroline. While she has a similar aesthetic, her background is very different from mine, and her technical knowledge and experience in bathroom and kitchen design adds an entirely new element to what Style Key West has to offer.

I just downloaded some pictures of a recent bathroom job we're working on. They really don't do justice to the space since one thing Style Key West does not offer is a professional photographer. But here is what I captured on my little digital camera:

The aqua/blue of the glass tile is just gorgeous and reflects the light coming through a high half round window on a wall that angles up to a peaked cathedral ceiling. At the top of the peak is a fabulous bronze iron chandelier in the shape of a branch. Sadly - I wasn't able to get a good shot of this, but the sconce in the commode area matches the chandelier.

Caroline is the best possible person to fill the position of our Shop Manager and Associate Designer. I can't say enough about her hard work, skill and creativity. I think the angels sent her to me.

With Caroline on our team, Style Key West was able to take on the interior design of two beautiful bedrooms with en suite baths. The project is still in the works but the pictures above provide an inkling of what the finished project will be. We'll post better images after we complete the job.

I owe so many of our exciting new ideas and endeavors to Caroline, my friend and colleague. Because of her and our other colleagues, Style Key West is a family. And that is exactly what I dreamed about before making it a reality.

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