Friday, January 15, 2010

Meet Caroline: Part I

Hi, I'm Caroline Horn, and I'm the lucky girl who gets to live in Key West and manage the shop for Jo and Terry.

I moved here from Kentucky about a year and a half ago for all the obvious reasons that one would move to Key West. My son, Josh, left home to save the world via the United States Coast Guard, so I suppose it's my turn to live a little. Shortly after arriving here, I wandered into the shop looking for a job and totally fell in love with colors, the beautiful furniture and accessories, and of course, Jo and Terry!

In Kentucky, I worked for an architect and for a builder, so my background was primarily new construction, historic preservation, and kitchen and bath remodeling. I've always loved working with color, and I always tried to inject a little whimsy - something unexpected - into my designs. Now working with Jo, I have learned so much about completing the design concept.

I feel so fortunate to be working with Jo and Terry and living in Key West. Key West has such an open and accepting attitude, and I know I've been changed in the short time I lived here.

There is so much creativity on this little island. Nobody would ever say, "Well, you can't do that." You can create anything you dream in Key West. And I think my very favorite thing about Key West is that adults get to play dress up for no particular reason...

That's me in the purple mask!


  1. Wow you are lucky! What a fun life. And those orange and white pillows on the couch - are those for sale in the shop online? I love them!

  2. I also love the pillows! AND I'm from Kentucky too, but living in New Jersey. Not quite as exciting as Key West. :)

  3. Jo and Terry seem like they'd be a great couple to work for and life in FL cannot be beat!

  4. Terru as a teen age sand angel is really the best. He is only missing a glass of wine and an umbrella.

  5. Caroline- What a great introduction to yourself! Just loved it.


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