Thursday, January 14, 2010

Terry Coveny: A "Model" (Key West) Citizen

This afternoon I was selected to be a model in a photo shoot for Pier House (a Key West hotel).

Was I cast to sit at the bar entrancing one of the island lovelies while holding some exotic rum drink with a an umbrella in it? No... my particular talent was identified to be the senior citizen making sand angels at their private beach.

Here is our photographer, Ira directing the hotel's beach boy to do the necessary raking for my sand angels:

Here is one of me and my pal, Woody Hinkle, who owns the Washington, DC ad agency that had the foresight to choose me for this important role.

Ira gave me some pointers on how to make the best sand angel possible...

...and then we started the shoot.

This one showcases the great talent I have for this kind of work:

And here you can see my elation for having achieved a job well done:

Finally, I put on one of my signature moves (which the photographer thinks should be the photo they actually use. What do you think?):

Who knew I was such a natural at modeling? It's always nice to discover a new talent.

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