Friday, January 8, 2010

Go Fish

Suzanne Nicoll is an artist who creates some fabulous fish pieces that we literally can't keep in stock. They always sell out as soon as we put them out on the floor:

The first picture features a smaller style that she calls "Picket Fish" since they are carved from old fence pickets. She calls the larger ones "Funky Fish."

I just love the Picket Fish and sent one to Kate for my grandson, Oliver's bedroom last year. I asked Kate to send me a picture:

They're a fun decoration to put over doors or windows and I particularly like them for kids' rooms. There are so many great alternatives to cartoon characters and themes, and this is a perfect example. Plus, this kind of decor is not age specific and can be reused in any room that needs a splash of color and whimsy.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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