Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wiener Dogs Unite

The Fifth Annual Dachshunds Walk took place last Thursday, New Year's Eve day. And we made sure to take some pictures to post.

Our good friend, Ruth Reiter was the founder of this soon to be long-lived (yet ever to be short legged) parade. So we've witnessed its evolution from a group of 60 to over 165 canine participants.

Why a parade for wiener dogs? Why not! Remember - this is Key West.

Costumes aren't required, but we've seen it all from hot dogs and princesses to sailors and cowboys. And in true Key West style, there was even a cross-dresser in the bunch. The dogs were joined by one cat in doggie drag (sadly we didn't get a pictures of that).

Just a typical day on our island. There really is a party for everything here...

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