Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Color and A Lovely Surprise!

I feel like I'm seeing peonies everywhere right now. Are they in season? I should really learn more about gardening, now that we don't have to worry about toddlers picking flowers and digging dirt out of pots...

I bought some for a floral arrangement this week, but I don't know if any blooms are quite as charming as those still on the bush.

Here is one from my neighbors' yard:

Don't you love that little "shrinking" violet peeking out?

It puts me in a mood for some shades of pink...

Something else making us very happy right now is a mention our website got in the Key West Citizen:

In addition to writing a regular feature for The Citizen, Leslie Linsley has a great little shop on Nantucket where she lives in the summer. And she just opened a new one in Boston. She does fabulous decoupage pieces that she sells among other accessories. Visit her website to see her work.

And thanks again to our wonderful designer, Fabulous K Creative!

"Pink" images via: Better Homes & Gardens, Brabourne Farm, High Gloss Magazine, Ruthie Sommers and Thornton Designs.
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