Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Decorating After Baby

I just had a post published by In the Powder Room, "Decorating After Baby."

So much goes into preparing your home for a baby; selecting nursery colors, finding the perfect rocker and waddling through the mall three days past your due date because you HAVE to get a hamper for the baby's dirty clothes (okay - maybe that was just me). But as soon as baby arrives and the dust clears, those painstaking efforts are barely visible under all of the toys and piles of laundry.

Luckily, as time passes, so does that chaotic new parent phase. And one day you realize that you no longer feel like you're just camping in your house. That's when you know: it's time to reclaim your home.

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What do you think of a follow up about walking the talk? I've been trying to do that, though like many others I'm working with very limited resources (not to mention skills - time to learn how to sew!)

It's hard to try to focus on home decorating projects when you have little personal time, expendable income  or the luxury of a handy husband (sorry honey - but you're just not). It certainly doesn't provide much personal material for my design blog!

But I'm definitely making some headway on my own list. And flowers always help:

What about you? any tips to add for those of us starting out?

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