Thursday, June 9, 2011

Breakfast Arrangements

Yesterday, when I was at Costco, I decided to pick up some cheerful flowers to put on our dining room table. Ever since we've started working on that room I feel like I have to keep fresh flowers in constant rotation.

Eleanor complimented my arrangement during her breakfast cereal. Last she had seen them, the irises were tightly furled. So to her, the bright white blooms seemed to have appeared by magic.

I personally, was a bit annoyed by their early arrival since the roses are still buds. The effect is a little FTD for my taste...but maybe that's what I get for mixing roses and irises. I thought the yellow filler flower I the bought at Harris Teeter (yes - just that much thought went into this posey) would tie the white/yellow and orange together.

I'm hoping it will look better when the roses open up. But by then the irises will probably be on their way out and I'll have to find a replacement for them. Not very efficient.

Florist - I am not.

What do you think? Fabulous or FTD? Please be honest - I try to learn from my mistakes...

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