Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Color: Favorite Paintings

This week, instead of the usual images of interiors that I find as I lurk around on decor sites, I thought I'd feature some paintings. All in fabulous colors!

The first few are by one of my favorite artists, Liza Hirst. I love the colors and I LOVE the shoes:

I thought I wanted the pink ballet flats, but then she posted the green espadrilles. Can I have both? Don't answer that Chris.

The spring shades of pink and green remind me of the Lee ad I posted a while back.

I've also been loving the Luxe Fumes series from Anne Harwell.

She's only done two...and I'm waiting for a Jo Malone...but I think she's off to a spectacular start. The bold background colors set off the simple perfume bottles beautifully.

If you've been reading for a while, you'll know that I'm a huge Anne fan. She's also a lovely person and I hope that one these days when I'm in Florida again, we'll finally figure out a way to meet up.

Another artist whom I don't know well, but have been recently admiring is Yangyang Pan.

The amount of color used in these layered abstracts makes me want to sit and study them for hours. There is a joyful energy to them. You can find more of her work (and photography) on Flickr.

I think that art is one of the most important elements to personalizing your home decor. And there are so many affordable options with the giclées and prints (both Anne Harwell and Yangyang Pan offer these in their Etsy shops).

Have any other artists to add to my Monday Color collection today?

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