Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Color (Late Again...)

It's officially summer in our house now. The school year is ending. And I made the insane decision to unplug the TV for the next couple of months and tell the kids it's broken.

I have my reasons for this of course - ones I'll talk about on The Big Piece of Cake - but an indisputable consequence will be a significant decrease in computer time for me (as if it was "significant" to begin with).

And as a case in point, I wrote the above text on Sunday night!

Luckily - this is a website that pays homage to color and I have a bit of inspiration outside my door right now. It's early summer so the flowers are still blooming everywhere. Here are some shots from my garden (okay and that of a neighbor or two):

I know - that last one is a weed... But I remember thinking they were so pretty when I was a little girl. I'd gather as many as I could find for mini-bouquets.

And peonies are in season! So here is what I have on my dining room table:

"My signature colors are blush and bashful..."

I'll be back tomorrow with those pictures I promised in my last post about the low-budget/low-skill level DIY project.

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