Monday, June 7, 2010

Color Stories: Scenes from Another Island

Continuing with our week of guest posts (last up: artist, Anne Harwell of Annechovie), I'd like to Welcome Robin from Around the Island!

Around the Island started out as a personal blog chronicling the daily life of Tel Aviv transplant Robin and her family (the "island" being the counter top in the center of her kitchen). But over the past couple of years, Robin's beautiful photography has become a strong focus on the site and Around the Island Photography was born (that's the Etsy shop link, you can find more HERE). That kitchen island has come a long way!

One thing I've always loved about Robin's work is her use of color. While we do see a black and white shot here and there - it's far more common to log on and find an explosion of local wildflowers or bright bolts of fabric from a bazaar stall. Even the starker images usually have a flash of color for contrast.

I asked Robin to send us some of her images and something about using photography to add color to your home. So let's see what she has to say...welcome Robin!

A great way to let your own individual style shine out in your home is to use art as a focal piece for a room. Pick a great piece – one that really reaches out and grabs you – with colors that suit your room and your lifestyle and let the piece inform the design.

A bright, multi-colored piece adds visual interest and opens up a wide range of color possibilities

A piece with just a few strong colors and a single theme really pops, drawing the eye to it and providing the perfect foil for coordinating colors or accents – and if a rectangle isn’t right for your space this one works as a square piece as well.

If a classically elegant palate is more your style go with a piece that reflects that, like this White Lisianthus, and use the subtle shading and texture of the piece to inform your design.

You can also use variations on a single theme to provide distinction and a variety of colors within a single unifying theme, as with this image created from a detail of a wrought iron fence outside Dublin Castle in Ireland. The overall image remains the same, but the background color changes to suit your unique style and needs.

(Editor's Note: The above image is available in any combination and arrangement of colors. You can contact Robin to create the one that suits you best.)

Use a favorite piece of artwork as a focal point in your next room and let your creative spirit run free – the possibilities are limitless.

Thanks so much Robin! But before I hit publish today, I'd like to add a few of my recent favorites:

Come by tomorrow to hear from Megan à la BonBon Rose Girls!


  1. Oh wow these photographs are so vibrant and rich - I just love them. I'm going to have to go check out her blog and shop!

  2. I am very familiar with Robin's work with color. Her photographs here are marvelous choices and represent her incredible photo efforts. She's truly a great artist! :)


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