Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our Other Oasis - Part Two (Before and After)

Yesterday we introduced you to our vacation home in Blue River, Oregon - about as far away from Key West as you can get in the Continental U.S.!

We also described the level of renovation that was needed to make this the inside of the house as inviting as the outside. Not to mention - make it more appealing for vacation rentals...

So here is a tour with some before and after images.

This is what the living room looked like before we started our updates:

Not the coziest of scenes... But here is the same space with new furniture and accessories:

Upon arrival, you walk into a sitting area that is actually an extension of the living room.

This whole living area was gutted, lots of structural work done, and old Formica paneling (gray faux wood) replaced with real pine hand hewn paneling. The previously acoustical tile ceiling was also done in same pine. The walls were stained and the ceiling, pickled to visually add light and height. A new really big picture window makes the most of the river view.

We had to replace the 1960s wood burning stove with a new and much safer up-to-code version made in Vermont. The room is too small for a fireplace, so this was our best option. With a real stone paver floor pad and the wonderful diagonal panel wall backing, we're very happy with it. I have to give credit to our wonderful contractor, Mike Schosker for the diagonal wall treatment. It was his inspiration - he really knows what he's doing.

Mike also made solid wood panel doors for this area, as well as all the bedrooms and closets. That made a huge difference.

While he was working his magic, we planned the furnishings - big comfy sofa and chairs with washable slipcovers in colors that are not bright Key West colors but bright enough to lighten the overwhelming presence of wood. Who would have thought I'd ever like living with so much wood but, strangely, in this setting and part of the world, it feels right to me and I love it.

Tomorrow we'll go on to the two adjoining dining rooms and kitchen. Until then...

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