Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Color Stories: You Can Take the Girl Out of Florida...

Day three of our guest posts (see Anne Harwell of Annechovie HERE and Robin of Around the Island Photography HERE) brings us Megan from BonBon Rose Girls.

I'm not sure how I found BonBon Rose Girls - but I immediately fell in love with Megan and her partner in crime, Kristin. They have more enthusiasm for life and their passions (for Kristin, it's fashion and for Megan, it's décor) than most people I know. One thing that I particularly enjoy about their site is the fact that they make their interests so accessible. They don't just feature fantasy images of clothes and furniture that could only be procured by the rich and famous - they find online deals and even post pictures of themselves and their homes, showing off their latest finds and party wear.

Since this is a design site - I called upon Megan for her take on color. So take it away Megan!

As a tried and true Florida girl (I grew up in Tampa with my blogging bestie Kristin), I’ve found that the love for bright colors and seaside décor has continued to stay with me.

Even now years later living in Annapolis, MD, I’m still drawn to vibrant pieces in pinks, blues, and greens, like a moth to the flame. Of course, living in a more traditional east coast neighborhood has meant toning it down just a bit. Instead of intense paint colors, I aim to keep things light and airy while incorporating fun accents throughout our house in my favorite hues. It’s by painting a bright accent wall, having fun throw pillows or simply using turquoise hand towels on the towel rack, that this Florida girl can stay true to her inner “bright colors rock!” self, even living a thousand miles away from the Sunshine state. Here are a few examples from my own home:

I painted the inside of a white bookcase lime green for effect. It was an inexpensive way to get some "wow" factor and walking in the room, it always makes me smile!

A whimsical framed poster in deep pink hangs in my office.

Throw pillows like these (bought from inhabitliving.com) add a seaside splash to our couch.

Lime green candles are a small accent that can go a long way when it comes to color.

Of course, for a quick fix, a bouquet of flowers on the table makes an impact and brings in color. This bouquet was only $8 at Whole Foods!

Thanks so much Megan! Tune in tomorrow for a guest post from Linda of Lime in the Coconut!


  1. What a beautiful home and aesthetic my bestie has!

  2. Hehhee...I'm always teasing my FL-born hubby that he's always attracted to "FL colors" -- after all, he might be the only guy to paint is man room teal!

  3. What a cute post - love that framed print - and of course it's the only one that isn't linked to! Drat! I'll have to hop over to her site and check it out - love me some bright colors, I do!


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