Friday, June 11, 2010

Color Stories: Sand and Surf Inspiration

We've now had five days of guest bloggers (see Anne Harwell of Annechovie HERE, Robin of Around the Island Photography HERE, Megan of BonBon Rose Girls HERE, Linda of Lime in a Coconut HERE, and Anna from An Inch of Gray HERE). Today is our last guest post, and it comes from Lindsey of A GreatFull Day and The Bright Side Project.

I've been a big fan of Lindsey's for a while now. Not just for her great eye for fashion and design...OR for her incredible artistic talent...but also for her kind heart (see the editor's note at the bottom). If you're ever looking for design ideas, general life inspiration, or just some good 'ol eye candy, add her blogs to your daily reads.

Welcome Lindsey!

Hello all!

Lindsey from
A GreatFull Day and The Bright Side Project here! I'm so honored that Kate asked me to do a guest post here. I've grown up with a love for the beach as my first trip to the sea was when I was a mere 9 months old. Each year come spring I begin feeling my annual "beach fever" and know I need to return to the place that makes me feel most at peace.

Right now I am loving decor inspired by the sand and surf so I decided to share my favorites with you guys:

Enjoy and happy weekend!

Image credits top to bottom: Coastal Living, Country Living, West Elm, Melissa Barbieri, Beckster740, Coastal Living

EDITOR'S NOTE: As a lifelong Louisiana resident, Lindsey feels a strong connection to the tragedy unfolding daily along the Gulf Coast. So she's decided to offer a photo print from her Etsy shop and donate 100% of the proceeds to the Audobon Society who is helping preserve wetlands, heal animals and clean up the mess.

Please help our coast by purchasing a print or donating directly to one of the organizations aiding in relief.


  1. Beautiful images! Ahhh...the sand and surf..and sea salt in the air..nothin' better than that! Happy Weekend!

  2. I think I'm ready for life at the beach....ready to wake up in a tranquil and beautiful home decorated like the rooms above....yeah I could do it very easily......if I didn't have to work.


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