Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Color Stories: Local Color Inspiration

Day four of our guest posts (see Anne Harwell of Annechovie HERE, Robin of Around the Island Photography HERE, and Megan of BonBon Rose Girls HERE) brings us Linda from Lime in the Coconut.

We're fairly new to today's guest since the Style Key West blog is still pretty new and we discovered Lime in the Coconut through Linda's lovely comments.

Her profile describes her site as " and home tropical style (ish)" which provides a very appropriate introduction to the whimsical and sometimes even musical writing that accompanies incredibly lush tropical(ish) photography.

I love how Linda can say so much with a picture and a few words. It's a talent that most (I) can't claim. We're so glad to have found her and we're beyond thrilled to have our new friend visiting Style Key West today. Welcome Linda!

Florida has a virtual cacophony of color to inspire.

Living in this sun soaked, color saturated corner of the world has taught me, if nothing else, to follow it's lead...

Choosing from it's natural palate...sometimes dusky

often vibrant. It has certainly inspired our art...

and how we layer the pieces of our home...

...different textures and colors all intermingle

Colors that I think may not work

...That I may not have

Yep...Florida colors...always working their way in.

Who knew?

Thanks so much Linda! Tune in tomorrow for a guest post from Anna of An Inch of Gray!


  1. It is true! Linda, you say so much with your images, your posts are often like reading a lovely poem. Very inspiring...and I am loving the image with the bergere chair and chalkboard!

  2. vibrancy of life with splashes of humor..
    we love our linda!

  3. beautifl pictures!!!!..i know i've said before but someday i'm moving to fla,i dont care if i have to live under a bridge,lol,love it,love it!!

  4. Oh, I love this post! One of my favorite bloggers...fabulous photos! I'm enjoying your blog! I'm going to put it in my list of favorites so that I can visit more! ♥

  5. Love your blog...found you via Linda.. her blog is so much fun and so is yours! I also am a huge fan of Annechovie (Anne Harwell)!!! I'll be back! Hope you'll stop by to visit my blog!

  6. Love me some Linda! She's the best!
    And I love Key West.
    Do you know a little conch house at 532 Grinel Street?
    xox o

  7. Natural color always attract to people. I also like natural color for my home.


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