Friday, June 25, 2010

Our Other Oasis - Part Four (More Before and After)

Today, I'm finishing up the Oregon house redo posts (see the rest of this week for earlier installments) with the bedrooms.

I hate to start any before and after post with something ugly (even though that would be the "before") so here's a preview of the "after":

That out of the are all of the "before" pictures of the bedrooms we could find:

So, yes - you can see why I didn't make the before-transformation photo shoot a priority. It was pretty bad. But on to the changes!

The master bedroom was added to the first floor around 1969. Upon entering, you are greeted by that sweet nook in the first picture, with its comfy pillowed bench. The bench is an antique sleigh seat and it's a perfect spot to curl up and read or just daydream while gazing at the river.

The bedroom itself is probably the grandest in the house with its vaulted ceiling, massive field stone fireplace, and wall of sliding glass doors and balcony right over the river.

The only change we made here was to take up the old wall-to-wall carpet and put down real wood floors. That and the colorful bedding with lots of pillows, matelasse coverlet and quilt on the new king bed made a huge difference. The king bed fits the big room's scale and it's very high so you can sit up in bed and see the river flowing by.

The second largest bedroom was a real transformation.

The grey Formica paneling and flat hollow-core doors were replaced with hand-hewn stained pine and the acoustic tile ceiling was ripped out to make way for pickled pine planks. The queen bed takes up less space than the original two twins, and it makes room for nightstands and a dresser. The soft monochromatic blue and ivory bedding also adds to the illusion of space and comfort, and I love how the pickled baluster lamps blend with the whole scheme.

This bedroom originally featured twin beds, but we made it into a king.

It's quite large but with it's sloping ceiling and vintage wallpaper it's very cottagey and cute. New bedding to update the vintage quilts, a brightly colored woven rug, and a fresh coat of paint on the trim was all it needed.

Finally, the last of the four...

This bedroom has only ever had one twin bed, but the closet is so large, we can put a dresser inside to save floor space. Now we have room for another twin bed, with beautiful bedding, of course, and a chair.

New calico curtains for all rooms are on the way, but I think they still look one hundred times better and far better suited to the lovely views.

Speaking of views...check back next week for some hiking scenes. In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend!


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