Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Other Oasis - Part Three

The tour continues (see the last few posts for the beginning):

Here we have the dining rooms - yes we have two different areas that adjoin with a large open archway. The square room with windows right on the river had been added in the late 60s. I call it the breakfast room because it's where people seem to congregate in the morning. The views in daylight are spectacular.

We didn't have to do any renovating here. Just added a large antique oak round table and 4 very comfortable armchairs, also the fun striped woven rug. That left the adjoining open space between the living room and kitchen. Since we and our renters often have family gatherings I thought we needed another table and chairs. Thus the open space became a second dining room and altogether with the additions of some smaller chairs we can seat 10 or 12. This also gave me the opportunity to add a chandelier (I just love chandeliers) and I had one in mind. This wrought iron branch spoke to me. I think it's perfect for a house in the woods

On to the kitchen:

We didn't do too much in the kitchen. A full kitchen redo wasn't in the budget. So we painted the Formica paneling white, polished up the 1960s maple cabinets and most importantly, tore out the acoustic tile ceiling. We replaced it with pickled pine planks like the living/dining areas, and added new lighting. With the addition of a new stainless steel stove it doesn't look so bad. I would like to get rid of the "shiny vinyl" sheet flooring, but that's another project for another year.

Tomorrow, we'll look at the four bedrooms - these were the most fun for me.

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