Monday, March 8, 2010

Inspiring Fabric

Yet again, I planned to feature a few different fabric lines today, but found myself rather taken with one in particular.

LuLu DK Fabrics is a bold line with colors that reflect nature in their organic simplicity. I have to admit that I wasn't initially blown away by the colors, but after seeing the inspiration behind the designs, I began to recognize their subtle nods to the sea, flora and fauna. And quite honestly, I found it fascinating.

The inspiration that I've referenced can be found in the site's gallery which includes images of the colorful mixed collages from the designer's book. Lulu is described as part travel journal, part art book and part autobiography. It is here that you can see the thought process behind the designs.

For example, "Mari"...


...and Rope.

I wish that inspiration collages were shown with all of the fabrics. But alas - not all of my favorites offered that peek behind the scenes. Here are some others that caught my eye:

I think that more designers should take this cue and let the buyers and customers in on the process. What better way to become intimate with a design and truly fall in love?

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