Friday, March 26, 2010

And now - we shall eviscerate Orange*

*Editor's note: Okay - that's not the real title. It's just the one that I wanted to use in light of the last line in the post I wrote on Monday. Here is the real title Mom sent me:
Is that orange in my shop?!

Orange has never been my favorite color. I know that it's a happy uplifting color. The color of friendliness and sociability. But for whatever reason it has never spoken to my heart.

Though recently it has quietly (as if orange could be quiet) crept into my shop.

First to arrive was the best-selling rug "Da Bomb", an instant hit.

And all of a sudden we have pillows, napkins, and...

...oh my gosh! a whole bed cover and a quilt!

Just yesterday we bought some fabulous decoupage plates in stunning lime green with bright orange lilies from Nantucket shop-owner and wonderful decoupage artist Leslie Linsley.

What next? an orange sofa?

I don't think so.

Not yet anyway....

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