Friday, March 12, 2010

Consider Yellow

With a heavy focus on aqua, coral and lime here at Style Key West, you don't tend to hear us talking about yellow. And it's true that yellow wouldn't be considered a SKW signature color. But in truth, we wholeheartedly believe that yellow will always be an important color for any style of interior design.

Yellow elicits feelings of happiness and comfort that should be present in any space. Whether it's a theme or an accent, the use of yellow in decorating has never been out of style. And this could possibly be due to the fact that shades of yellow can fit into almost any color scheme.

My mother says that when I was a very little girl, I once told her that "every room needs a touch of yellow." And I stand by that bold statement to this day! Here are some lovely images that caught my eye over the past few months:

Guess what color my walls are... Have a sunny weekend!

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