Monday, March 29, 2010

Comfort and Style

It's Spring Break in my school district - so anything I post this week will be done while children tear my house apart (as I write this I hear screams and running water upstairs - I'm afraid to go look...)

So I'll just post a few pretty pictures here today.

My mother feels very strongly that beautiful interiors can also be comfortable - and she won't order any sofas or chairs for the shop that don't offer a comfy place to sit. Of course, this is a bit ironic since I remember a college boyfriend claiming that there wasn't one comfortable chair in my parents' house...but that was before they moved to Key West!

I did a little browsing through some lovely rooms that embrace this attitude, and her are my favorite images:

Happy Monday!

Source: Belle Maison, Brabourne Farm and House of Turquoise


  1. The image labeled HOTcomfy3 is like my dream room. I want to curl up in one of those chairs RIGHT NOW! (hope you didn't have a flood on your hands earlier!!)

  2. I love that yellow table! It makes the room so happy.

  3. I love the bird prints from one of the rooms. I have some hanging in my bathroom that I just adore.


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