Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Inky the Aristocat

Cats have always held an esteemed position in Key West.

They're very much citizens of the island, from the famous six-toed Hemingway cats to the neighborhood cats who belong to one family but are tended by everyone. These tend to be plump.

This high regard and well-deserved adulation is not lost on a little fellow from Kentucky, named Inky. Inky is the only cat I've ever had in my dog, Charlie, actually brought him home...and he is a true aristocat who enjoys the finer things in life.

While I spend my days working at Style Key West to support his stone crab leg habit, Inky visits the neighbors.

My neighbors Greg and Jay sent me this photo montage so I could see just how Inky spends his day. Evidently they didn't answer the door quickly enough and he had to knock loudly.

Once invited in, where else would a black cat go to lounge but a white sofa?

Clearly he enjoys good design and beautful surroundings, but after the photo-op he was quickly whisked to the veranda for lunch.

"Have you any stone crab legs today, Greg?"

And after an exhausting day filled with social obligations and heated discussions regarding the chicken population in Key West, Inky settles in for a well-deserved siesta.

Ahh, it's good to be a cat in Key West!

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