Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mystery Solved!

Yesterday, we featured some pictures of African art and artifacts that didn't exactly exemplify our own design style. And we asked you what those images could possibly have to do with our shop or decorating services.

Well - here is your answer!

A realtor friend of ours asked us to help style a lovely Conch home called the Pendleton Estate for an open house reception that took place last night.

The owner had a rather...specific decorating style and the house was full of dark furniture and lots of African sculpture. Some of which was HUGE.

The idea was for us to rearrange things and bring in Style Key West furniture, bedding and accessories to make the space feel a bit more light and attractive to the average home buyer in Key West.

And it was quite a challenge with the African art filling every room. We finally came up with the solution of picking one room with a wall of display shelving to create somewhat of a gallery. And anything that wouldn't fit was tucked out of the way for the event.

The next step was to find accessories that gave our look to the space without competing with the existing furniture. We decided that glass lamps in interesting shapes and colors as well as some great turquoise hued pieces would do the trick.

Finally, we had to make up all of the bedrooms with our shop bedding. This was fairly easy since we have some great styles with a chocolate brown that created a nice effect with the dark wood furniture.





We were far too busy socializing to take pictures of everything, but some professional photos were taken that we will definitely post later.

It really was a success, and more importantly, a great party. Which, you know - is what Key West is all about.

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