Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Express Yourself...with Turquoise and Swizzle Sticks

One of our favorite customers, Brooke Myers has a really fabulous kitchen that I've wanted to feature for a while now. Luckily, I was able to get copies of the professional pictures that were taken since they really capture the color and light in this cheerful room.

This conch cottage renovation with its 1950s retro style is a great expression of Key West originality.

Inspiration for the design was taken from this vintage bathing beauties postcard.

Truly, that's what she gave the architect to work from and he understood her concept perfectly!

In fact, it was her and her husband Larry's collection of vintage postcards that we used for the design of our own website.

Larry also has a great collection of vintage swizzle sticks.

The reflection on the glass makes them a bit difficult to see, but they're just too fun not to include.

You know I love the turquoise appliances. But more importantly, I appreciate how much character comes through in this room. You get a real sense of who lives there. And that is the ultimate goal of decorating a home - to achieve true self expression.

Images from Brooks Phillips
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