Monday, February 8, 2010

Kate's Key West Style: Twin Beds

I've always had a bit of a thing for twin beds. Maybe it's a vestige of the envy I had for those friends who shared a room with a sister (I know - the grass is always greener, as I'm sure they longed for their own rooms). Maybe it's the cute factor. Maybe it's simply the soothing symmetry of the arrangement... Who knows - but I just love them.

While growing up, I never had a twin size bed, but I did have two tiny bedrooms in my twenties that required tiny beds. And I loved my sweet little alcove retreats. So I can attest to the possibility of comfort - even luxury given the right bedding and decor.

I got the idea for featuring twin beds today while perusing the gallery on MyHomeIdeas. I came across these two very Floridian style bedrooms with twin beds pushed together:

I've slept in attached twins before and it's not the ideal arrangement if you tend to roll into the middle of the bed. But those rooms really are charming.

I tried to look for other online images of twin bedrooms that captured some Key West style, and let me tell you - easier said than done! I had a hard time finding twins in general.

But here is an assortment, all of which include some island-style elements:

turquoise and bold floral accents add a little tropical punch

a muted blue and white color scheme can offset the riot of color right outside the window (okay - maybe not that window - but in Key West, I mean...)

another muted palette with a splash of color on the pillows (and a coral lamp to boot!)

aqua walls and bedding with what looks to be another piece of coral on the bedside table
What - did you think that Key West style couldn't include subtle color and simple decor? Not so - that famous water boasts many shades of blue.

I bet those last four pictures are from houses well above the Mason Dixon line - further proving (if I'm right that is...) that a little Key West color or detail can work in any room.

Images via MyHomeIdeas, Little Green Notebook, Martha Stewart, DecorPad and Velvet & Linen.
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