Monday, February 1, 2010

Kate's Key West Style: Just Add Color

While my previous Monday posts have been about Key West as a destination and my own favorite haunts and memories - that's not exactly what the focus of this site was supposed to be.

The early discussions about creating an online presence for Style Key West and becoming part of the blogging community were all about design. How Key West life and color can change your "eye," so to speak. How color can be a driving force behind personal style and taste. And how all design aesthetics can find common ground in color theory.

In short, this is a website that celebrates color.

Whether you long for the days of formal sitting rooms or crave modern spaces...wrap yourself in jewel tones or prefer a single signature color...traditional or modern...eclectic or minimalist...form or function... There is one design element that we all carefully consider. No matter where our style preferences may diverge, we all appreciate often agree upon color.

And in seeing colors we love in different settings, we're given the opportunity to be inspired. To rethink our current preferences and possibly give them a new spin. Not surprisingly, it's often color that inspires us to take our comfort zone to a more exciting and innovative level.

So we decided to write about exactly that: being inspired by color. Sometimes that color is found in homes - sometimes gardens - and sometimes in daily life. And everything on this site will embrace that perspective. Living in color.

But back to my weekly feature... I thought I'd post some images that show different uses of Key West colors that add light, dimension and character:

I like the monochromatic use of turquoise here (Pantone's color of the year!) Paired with dark furniture and white and green accents, it takes blue from cool to warm.

While this space doesn't fit with my own design aesthetic, I do find it really interesting. At first I thought that some color tinting on a black and white background created that effect. But some of the subtle color viewed through the window and in a reflection makes me wonder... Either way - if you're going for a very stark look, but still want to have some color, this is one way to do it. Just make one large piece in the room your focal point and add one or two accent accessories to pull it together.

This image takes a similar but reverse direction compared to the first. Instead of infusing the room with monochromatic color, just a few accents of aqua are added (Key West color AND theme with those fish!)

Like the second image, this room has a warmer color palette. But the more traditional space uses color in multiple accents as opposed to a single focal point.

While yellow is probably my favorite color, I don't typically love bright yellow for decor. But I love how it works in this room. It's a timeless space, updated with a surprising color and nontraditional rug. I really like how the pastel walls set off those great chairs. But the bright pink flowers seal the deal for me. When an arrangement isn't on display, another brightly hued (preferably pink) accessory should be on that coffee table to keep the same effect.

None of these rooms look like they were taken in a Key West home - but all have captured a bit of Key West color and spirit. Some with bolder strokes than others - but each one is brought to life with color choices. And that's really what Style Key West strives to achieve through design...bringing color to life.

All images from
Decor Pad.
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