Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sometimes a little work makes a big difference.

Many houses in Florida are "open floor plan" which means no matter where you stand in the living area you see all the other rooms. Sometimes this is great because you see all the wonderful views surrounding the house.

Other times it's problematic like in this instance where the first thing you saw when entering the front door was the kitchen sink.

Since a fabulous kitchen redo was not in the budget, we decided to build a wall that would screen the sink area but not make the kitchen claustrophobic. The real plus was that we could create a series of niches on the wall facing the front door so you now are greeted by a wall of interesting antiquities.

A three-day relatively inexpensive project gives the entire living space a new and much improved perspective.


  1. Wow that's really awesome. I don't think many people would think to enclose a space to make it look better - but it certainly works in this case. Great job and thanks for sharing it with us. I love the end result!

  2. Wow...I wouldn't of thought of that...but looks great!


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