Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Feeling That Inspired...

This will be a first for Style Key West - but I'm going to be a little negative about something.

I am almost a full day late with my Monday post, and it's because I had a hard time working with my original idea.

When I heard that Lonny Magazine's fourth (online) issue would be live on Saturday, I thought it would be the perfect topic. I could pull my favorite images and possibly write a little about some of the features.

But the truth is - I was a kind of disappointed. It's not that it was any less smart, professional and well designed. There just wasn't anything in it that made me want to come back again and again.

In issues past, I've found homes, rooms or even scenes that made me want to print out a tear sheet for an inspiration board.

But this issue (focusing on sustainability in design) just didn't do it for me.

The "market" section in the beginning was fine, and I found a few pieces that caught my eye:

But then this made me do a double take:

That's a chandelier made out of the bottoms of empty Dasani bottles.

Interesting...but wouldn't this be more appropriate for college kids or even young post-grads? Are current style makers really blown away by DIY trash lighting? This is nothing against the adorable Erica Domesek of P.S. - I Made This... I think she's incredibly creative and innovative and I enjoy her blog. But it's got a bit more of a jewelry/fashion vibe than home furnishings... And, honestly if I was going to pick any of her recent projects to feature in a design magazine, it would be something a bit more sophisticated. Like this use of globes to decoupage plates and trays:

That actually looks expensive (I think I've been watching too much Project Runway...) At any rate, she seems to have some kind of partnership going with Dasani - so that is most likely the connection. But I still found it strange.

AND THEN, I electronically flip a page to see Katie Lee looking like something out of Seventeen Magazine!

Dude! Who wants a Rice Krispie Treat?

Okay - I guess she's young (late 20s), but I can only imagine an Anthony Bourdain commentary on this layout ( I guess I've also been watching too much Food Network...)

Moving on...

The thing with "Eco Chic" is that there always seems to be an emphasis on neutrals. Which often appeals to me - but not so much the ones that were featured. Especially when there was so much of that in the following two articles on Environment and West Elm.

There was a brief breath of fresh air in the "Naturally Inspired" article on editor, Michelle Adams' charming home:

But then some truly bizarre rooms belonging to Laura Day (formerly of Trading Spaces). I was particularly taken with these Oscar the Grouch pillows:

Seriously though - I did think this settee was charming:

Especially the back!

And I do like this chair a lot:

Really, I should shut up since I did enjoy the first issue of her online magazine (I even wrote about it!). But I guess I was getting impatient for something to strike a chord with me, and it just wasn't happening.

While I did appreciate the piece on Ashley Putman with her "modern traditional" style...

...and then the beautiful bookshelves and antiques in Laurann Claridge's home...

...I just lost reading momentum and, well - interest after that.

There was a bit more color and whimsy in the last few articles. Here are a few images I liked:

But I was left without much inspiration for my weekly Style Key West post.

So why did I bother to write about it? Because I had nothing else planned and after a few glasses of wine tonight I guess I felt like dishing. Plus - Style Key West is a new blog with a small readership and I can probably get away with being a snarky here.

Next week I'll be back with a little more enthusiasm and eye candy. I promise!


  1. I say bring on the snark! And man do I wish I could have a few glasses of wine...all in due time, I suppose!

    Of these images, I too adore that turqouise settee. So pretty. And that pink armchair. AND that colorful rug under the chair. And finally I LOVE that dark blue dining room.

    But I'm with you Kate - this issue isn't as grand as the other - hopefully it'll pick back up next time!

  2. Ditto Christy re snark. As for Lonny....sigh...I REALLY REALLY want to like it. Love the concept. Love the photography. But something about this issue felt like an ad (for West Elm in particular!) and just like, well, that I've seen it before.

    One thing I do think that's improved is the writing. The copy the first few issues was horrendous. Like bad grammar/word misuse horrendous.'s a bit fawning (but then again so are most shelter mags), but it's passable.

    So I guess I'm feeling snarky, too. ;)

  3. I don't think it's snarky. Just expressing your opinion, which personally I agree with. Had to laugh out loud at the Oscar the Grouch pillows.

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