Friday, April 23, 2010

Jo's High Point Market Report (The Last Chapter)

Our last day featured a final (and a little scary) trend, NeoGoth.

We noticed quite a bit of over sized and over-the-top Gothic inspired furniture. As in the following two beds.

Tell me, could you fall asleep in either of these, thinking that any moment, Dracula or maybe Liberace might come flying into the room?

I remember this as being a trend in the 80's. Are any of you old enough to remember when Cher had a Home Design catalog? These beds would have fit right in. Actually, I remember seeing Cher at Market that season. We were going up the escalator and she was coming down. I was mesmerized by this vision in a huge, fluffy gray fur coat flowing open over a skin tight black cat suit and thigh high, black patent, spike heeled boots. All black curls, makeup and attitude. Then, the moment was over. She was downstairs and we were up, almost as if it didn't happen. But it was a moment to remember.

But back to the present. I'll end on a brighter note with two pretty beds.

One a painted white headboard framing an upholstered panel of abstract turquoise and white nautilus shell print. Very fresh and beachy.

Then a whimsical canopy bed by Traditions made entirely of white painted twigs and dressed up in lovely green and white linens with a turquoise throw. The picture doesn't do it justice. It was lovely and ethereal.

And a final humorous note - me next to the biggest chair ever matched to a huge turtle shaped footstool. Terry wanted me to sit on it a la Lily Tomlin but I couldn't even climb up on it!

And finally, home in Key West, the most eccentric little airport in the US.

In conclusion, forget the trends. Just buy what you love. If you are a retailer, your store will reflect who you are, and standing in it all day every day will bring you joy. If you are a customer, you will end up with a home that will make you happy all your life. And isn't that what this design business is all about?

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