Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Garden Tour

Warm weather has finally arrived and the garden is burgeoning. Here are a few pictures that really don't show their true magnificence but give an idea of it.

Bougainvillea in pots by the pool lend a lush color accent.

The Angel Trumpets bush is my absolute favorite with it's delicate peach blossoms drooping down like bells.

There are more Bougainvilleas peeking out amidst the ferns.

Even this little bonsai tree is blooming for Spring. The bonsai pot with it's stones and grass and little tree looks like a mini yard.

Finally, even though it's not a blooming plant, I have to show you how this Rosemary bush has grown so big it looks like a Christmas tree. I think we'll have to put lights on it this year!

Happy Spring everyone! I hope you are enjoying all the spring blossoms surrounding you.

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