Monday, November 1, 2010

Wearable Upholstery for Charity

In leafing through my decor magazines looking for post inspiration, I found myself sighing (again) at the Oscar de la Renta Home line advertisement for Lee Jofa.

The fabric itself is lovely - but oh, that image of heavy ball gown skirts and magnificent jewelry...

The skirts featured in the ad are actually wearable fashion. Just three of several pieces that will be auctioned off for charity. Proceeds of the auction will go to Casa del NiƱo, a child assistance service in the Dominican Republic. Each one of a kind item will be available for bid on Bidding for Good through November 30th.

Here are images of each:

This YouTube clip has some great close ups of some of the fabrics as well as a visual display of how his fashion designs influenced his home textile designs:

Opening bids are $750. But even if I could raise that kind of cash, I expect (and hope) that the designs will go for exponentially more than that, raising a lot of money for a very good cause.

The stars aligned for this one. I'm both enchanted and inspired. Who says fashion is a shallow industry!

(Find more details and images of the line in articles on and


  1. Nothing like the sound of rustling taffeta to set a mood. These are gorgeous. My favorite is the blue demi-lunes in stripes on the pleated white ground. Such luxe!

  2. i remember seeing things like this as being en vogue a few years ago (god, a decade ago? where did time go) anyways. the fashion was to wear brocade dresses as evening wear and to wear the skirts with casual plain white t shirts. i never did it, but of course tried to make my own skirts to go along.


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