Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rue Magazine's Gallery of Rooms

I recently posted about how Lonny now has a gallery of images that you can search by room. Since then, I saw that more online magazines are doing the same thing. While the archives are pretty spare right now, they will no doubt becomes a major resource for design bloggers and anyone else in need of decorating inspiration.

Here are some images that I pulled from Rue Magazine's gallery of rooms:

Do you have any other resource suggestions for interior design? Do tell!

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  1. Brides.com uploaded a bunch of old Domino Magazine content. (Here: http://www.brides.com/about/domino-magazine) When this happened, I think there was a collective cheer from design / lifestyle bloggers everywhere! :)

    I also love Desire to Inspire for great inspiration photos! And of course Tumblr has a whole slew of great design bloggers.


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