Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cosmo the Boat Cat

Please allow us to introduce you to Cosmopolitan Von Moxie Sweet Tewell, or Cosmo the Boat Cat, as he's known in Key West.

Cosmo and his trusty human side-kick Sherry Sweet T were our featured guests at last week's Caroline Street Art & Design District First Thursday event. Sherry has created a beautifully illustrated children's book telling of Cosmo's adventures when they moved onto a house boat.

Now, some of the story may seem a little hard to believe, but Sherry swears, and I've seen photos, that the manatees and various and sundry other sea creatures swim right up to the boat and Cosmo truly seems to interact with them. And the poor little guy did end up in the drink one day.

This is a great gift for the children in your life and it comes with a DVD, and you can get a little plush Cosmo to go along with it! And the best part of it is that not only do the children learn how important it is to protect and preserve the reef, but a portion of sales goes to support Reef Relief, Save the Manatee Club, and the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, FL.

I bought the book for my grandchildren and they love it. Now they call all black and white cats they see, "Cosmos."


  1. How neat! I just bought one for Fiona - my first christmas present for our family! I was going to try to buy all handmade, but since this is written by a friend of a friend, it totally counts. :)


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