Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall High Point Market Report (Part II)

The second trend I have to report is neutrals, neutrals, neutrals. Think - Restoration Hardware:

Weathered and washed oak filled the showrooms, a lacklustre sea of gray. Upholstery followed suit: yards and yards of patternless gray, brown, and beige.

I know this is the current standard for design, but it's not my style.

Now if I could take some of the same looks and add some splashes of happy Key West colors to lift my spirit and sooth my soul... That would work for me.


  1. I'm with you Jo! Color, please!

  2. Funny, I looked at it and thought "hey, I love that!". Of course my second thought was how wildly unpractical beige is with young children. I still miss my gorgeous off-white couches. After they were trashed by the young hoodlums who masquerade as my children we had to trade them in for oh so practical navy blue leather. Still going with the neutrals and earth tones though. Key West colors would look oddly out of place in Israel I'm afraid.

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