Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall High Point Market Report (Part I)

For this season's market report, I noticed two stand-out trends. The first of which was PURPLE.

From the moment we received our badges we knew it was going to be a purple market.

This bed set-up was a remarkable array of purple saturation.

A couple of chairs from the Lee showroom in softer shades of purple and magenta were pleasing to my eye.

Lots of showroom folks were going along with the theme in their wardrobes. Here are a few particularly well-dressed reps.

There were lamps in all shades of purple, from lavender to fuchsia and magenta.

We saw many purple glass accessories like these vases.

And for a grand finale, a huge purple chandelier!

Next up: Market Report on Beige!

1 comment:

  1. I love purple! But in small doses - not sure I could handle that giant chandelier, unless I lived in a mansion! ha! Beige? You wont be surprised to hear that it's NOT my favorite color. ;-)


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