Friday, October 1, 2010

Now that We've Heard What Kate Had to Say.... Jo's Favorites from Elle Decor's Top 25 Designers

Caroline and I have really enjoyed all of the posts on the designers featured in Elle Decor's "top 25" for 2010. We pay a lot of attention to Kate's comments since she brings the youth factor to our team. Her observations encourage us to be open to new creative ideas and to go outside our own comfort zones. And, yes, Kate, being inspired and sometimes even delighted by the unexpected is a great way to live! These are my favorites.

I was first introduced to Victoria Hagan at a seminar about the direction of design. I've always been drawn to her elegant serenity and sense of symmetry and proportion. Her rooms are calming and comfortable, and I love them.

Charlotte Moss's designs never cease to charm me. They embody a lifestyle of elegance filled with all the little niceties of life. This bedside table is equipped with great reading light, a selection of favorite books, notepad and pen, sweet smelling hyacinth, water carafe, and drinking glass on a tray. Add to that the comfy pillows and lovely linens...who wouldn't be happy to settle into this room? And best of all, these details can be translated into any style and price point.

Thomas O'Brien is to me the seminal designer who veered away from the dominance of English Country inspired rooms layered with fabric, cushions, patterns, and accessories. At the time, I resented his intrusion into this style which had been the foundation of my work. In retrospect, I see how clever he was adding straight lines to hone the cushiness without forsaking comfort, symmetry, or balance; lightening the color schemes while remaining warm; and editing out the tassels, swags, and furbelows but not neglecting attention to details.

Stephen Sills' interiors draw you in with contemporary comfort and richness. I love the inviting upholstered pieces, mellow colors, and rich wood patinas. My favorite is this elegant sitting room with gently curved seating, creamy backgrounds, and luscious yellow draperies.

I also love Robert Stilin. His interiors have a clean, fresh, and comfortable combination of modern and traditional with a little touch of ethnic within a frame of soft color. These are rooms I could imagine myself living in.

Did you have any personal favorites on the list? Did any surprise you?

Next week, Caroline will weigh in. Until then - have a fabulous weekend!

*Unless otherwise specified in the original posts, all images procured directly from the designers' websites.

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  1. Oh the yellow draperies are to die for! And the blue room above is gorgeous too! Hope you have a lovely weekend too Jo!


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