Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Elle Decor's A-Team (Part V)

We skipped a week on this feature (that can be blamed on me as I had been out of town and didn't get my act together until mid-week), but we're getting back to it today.

Halfway through Elle Decor's top 25 interior designers now, "Part V" will cover at least a couple with which I'm very familiar.

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Miles Redd

ED (Elle Decor) describes Redd as "blending high style history with bold colors and patterns...that put a cheeky spin on tradition. Often inspired by the saucy elan of American design in the 1930s, his cocktail-ready interiors sparkle, shimmer, shine and seduce.."

We love how he manages to combine opulence and every day comfort. Also how he gives typically forgotten or functional spaces character and interest.

Katie Ridder

ED describes Ridder as "strikingly adept at merging exotic references (Morocco, Turkey, the Middle East) with unusually patterned wallpaper and fabrics...cheerful, worldly boho-chic spaces saturated with color, whimsy and couture touches."

Ridder's wall paper and fabric line is fantastic and we adore her feminine bedrooms that, yes, have a distinctively exotic feel. Her spaces are so unique and full of pattern and color. Much of it is straight up eye candy.

Stephen Sills

ED (Elle Decor) describes Sills as "a connoisseur and collector who has an eye for objects with impressive provenance...The look? Serene and sophisticated, history energized with a dollop of swagger. He's also known for his subdued color palettes, rich fabrics, jaw dropping modern art and striking finishes."

This was a difficult one for us since the work really doesn't speak to our own aesthetic. But we do appreciate the diversity of style that Sills brings to his design projects. We admire how he's able to infuse a lot of personality into traditional rooms without taking away from the sophistication, as well as add warmth to simple spare spaces.

So what do you think? Any opinions so far on Elle Decor's selected designers?

*Unless otherwise specified, all images procured directly from the designers' websites.

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  1. Jo at Style Key WestAugust 18, 2010 at 2:56 PM

    I love looking at all these top designers' work. Surprisingly, my favorite was the very last room. The spare lines are simple and serene but not too moderne for me. The soft color palette of whites and creams is lovely. But what really makes my heart sing are those fabulous yellow draperies. Scrumptious!


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