Monday, July 12, 2010

Elle Decor's A-Team (Part I)

Hello! We're back from our little break and ready to get back into blogging.

In fact - I had an idea for a weekly feature that would probably last the rest of the summer...

Now that so many designers have websites featuring their portfolios, it's not very hard to find great images to include in blog posts, add to personal inspiration boards, and generally provide hours of Internet time-suck, I mean, browsing.

Elle Decor's new issue featured their "A-List of 25 interior designers." Some are well known to us and some vaguely familiar, but all have distinguished themselves as the best in the industry (at least according to Elle Decor). We thought it would be fun to take a look at these taste makers each Monday - to see how they appeal to our own aesthetic and even find a little Key West in their style if it exists.

So here are the first five!

Jeffrey Bilhuber

ED (Elle Decor) describes Bilhuber as "consistently offering an all American take on classic decorating, one that emphasizes crisp execution, commonsense comforts and brisk organization."

We like his use sense of whimsy...

...his subtle yet strategic use of color...

...and his devotion to comfort as an integral element to every room:

Murial Brandolini

ED describes Brandolini as "creating high impact environments packed with major-league modern art and exotic hand wrought details, from exuberant embroidered wall coverings, to funky built-ins lacquered to mirror-bright sheen, to elegantly adorned matchstick blinds."

We like her sense of drama...

...and her innovative use of exotic, traditional and modern textiles:

Darryl Carter

ED describes Carter's rooms as "distinctive in their masculine rigor and minimal, yet evocative atmospheres...full of smart neutral fabrics, dark wood furniture...and strong silhouettes, and restrained accessories, often set against walls painted chalk-white."

To be honest - there isn't a whole lot about his aesthetic that reflects ours...but we do appreciate his simple elegance and strong focus on quality pieces:

(And coming from the DC design community ourselves - we applaud the refreshing departure from Federal style and swag window treatments!)

Eric Cohler

ED describes Cohler as having "a unique high-how aesthetic and devising exciting but livable interiors full of color and layered with art and objects...His rooms manage to be both unexpected and supremely comfortable."

We admire his finesse in using black as an unexpected accent color...

...his ability to make traditionally "cool" colors appear warm...

...and his wonderful take on outdoor living (a Key West way of life!)

Robert Couturier

ED describes Couturier's style as "a major mix of the grand and the contemporary: Louis XVI commodes, cutting-edge modern lighting, flamboyant tapestries, knockout works of art, custom-made furniture with an Ottoman air, and dashes of Lesage embroidery."

This was actually a difficult website to browse since the portfolio flowed horizontally and once it started moving it was hard to stop. Or maybe I just wasn't doing it right... Either way - the most obvious trend was that of large, often dramatic spaces. But we were charmed by the sub-scenes within each room. The photos picked out many lovely little scenes or vignettes, each like a little oasis amidst the glamour...a spot to escape for a quiet moment.

We love these two corners with the seashell wall displays:

And this looks like a very peaceful spot to escape with a book:

Is it a coincidence that both of these images first caught our eye AND include a splash of zebra?

A lovely spot to kick of your heels indeed!

Whew! Five was a lot to cover... Maybe I'll try three next time. Until then!

*All images procured directly from the designers' websites.
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