Monday, July 19, 2010

Elle Decor's A-Team (Part II)

Last week, we started a new feature, looking at Elle Decor's 2010 "A-List of 25 interior designers." Some are well known to us and some vaguely familiar, but all have distinguished themselves as the best in the industry (at least according to Elle Decor). We thought it would be fun to take a look at these taste makers each Monday - to see how they appeal to our own aesthetic and even find a little Key West in their style if it exists.

Five was a bit overwhelming, so I think we'll go with three this week (click HERE to see last week's Part I).

So here are three more!

Waldo Fernandez

ED (Elle Decor) describes Fernandez' style as "a kind of low key luxury that's not flashy, but immediately recognizable to the cognoscenti. Among his favorite elements are gusty furnishings, beefy linen, natural woods, Windsor chairs, cowhide, woven-rush carpets, hefty braided baskets and almost anything Danish Modern. The results are as easy as they are stylish."

We like his capitalization on natural light, his uncluttered style and his focus on quality pieces.

Steven Gambrel

ED describes Gambrel as "a daring colorist...Pieces wrought in shimmering lacquer, tactile surfaces, and conversation starting antique and vintage furniture mingle with his own signature upholstered creations in rooms that evoke the panache of earlier eras while never ignoring the needs of modern day life.."

We like his rooms with soothing blue color schemes best. We also love his super sleek kitchens and bathrooms.

Suzanne Kasler

ED describes Kasler's rooms as "broadcasting Euro chic crossed with Southern charm and ease, where gilt-wood antiques are energized by contemporary art and concentrated bursts of sharp color."

We didn't pick images that reflect "bursts of color"... but we like her understated elegance, the way she uses chinoiserie furniture accents, and the glamorous livability of her spaces (a very difficult combination).

Okay - three was A LOT more manageable than five! What do you think? We're focusing on what we like about each designer - but what's your take? Is Elle Decor on target so far?

*All images procured directly from the designers' websites.

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  1. I love this post series! Susan Kasler is the one I most connect with in this series! Thanks for sharing!


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