Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The "Model" Citizen Revisited

Many months ago we ran a post about how I was selected to be a "model" in a photo shoot for a Key West hotel.

My job was to make "sand angels". I was hoping it might be something more like sharing an umbrella drink in their Tiki Bar with some beach babe. But I guess, at 66 years old, those casting opportunities are a thing of the past. Anyway, for never having made a sand angel before, I've gotta admit I've got some real natural talent in that direction.

But it was when I leapt up into my "signature move" (undirected by the ad agency), that they discovered "the real money shot".

Well, here's the result as they saw it in Ad Land...

As you can see I even got a free sunburn courtesy of the art director.


  1. So cool! You should frame it and put up in your shop behind the cash register or in the loo or something!

  2. You guys are fabulous! How cool is this? Very Key West! Love your blog, so refreshing! Happy to find you, happy to be your newest follower!

  3. Awesome! Makes me want to go to Key West! ♥


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