Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Plümo Home Accents

Yesterday on Wishing True, I featured, Plümo, a lovely site I discovered on An Indian Summer.

As I said before, there isn't much detail about the company on the Plümo site. But it says that they procure all of their products from "artisans, co-operatives from Africa to Asia, designers that have just come out of college and any kind of creative people that just make beautiful things."

The first thing that grabbed my attention while browsing the House & Home items was the abundance of bright colors and bold motifs:

Having a cheerful green teapot on the stove top or placing colorful jars on a bookcase or putting your feet up on a fancy pouf...these are all things that make a house feel like home. Whenever I've moved into a new place, I've arranged some of my favorite objects before even unpacking most of the boxes. Just having one lovely corner to come back to is far more satisfying than a cabinet full of organized pots and pans.

(Okay - so that light isn't colorful...but isn't it fun?!)

See more HERE. And if you haven't already visited, check out my Wishing True post for my favorite Plümo fashions.
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