Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monday Color (on Tuesday AGAIN!)

Aaaaand I skipped another Monday. Somehow it got away from me.

Actually - I do know how. In preparation for the online shop that we'll be launching this Spring (finally!), we'll really need to step up our social networking game. So I'm taking an e-course with Decor8 called Blogging Your Way. Yesterday was the first day of the month long class and I am already organizing tons of new ideas swirling around my head. Check out the button on our sidebar for more information. After only one day, I'm already so inspired!

And now for some color inspiration...

That always puts me in a good mood. See you tomorrow with some more shop doings.

Images via: Annsley Interiors, Decor Pad, House of Turquoise, isuwannee and Oh Joy!

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