Thursday, March 17, 2011

Making Arrangements

There is nothing I love more (I know - I say that a lot, but it's always true at the time) than setting up little arrangements.

Everyone calls it "styling" spaces now - but I always thought of it as making "arrangements." Kind of like floral arrangements - but instead of flowers in vases, it would be stuff on tables.

This came to an end when my oldest son started walking and everything on reachable surface areas became fair game for manhandling. But five years and two siblings later, there seems to be a lot less interest in my personal trinkets and knickknacks.

It may be time to start making arrangements again... But now that I blog, I want to take pictures - and my trusty old point and shoot is more of a "say cheese" kind of camera... Time to start saving pennies for my new career in blogging about my home "styling." Any advice on affordable cameras for novices?

Images via: Absolutely Beautiful Things, House and Home, Habitually Chic, Lonny, Kishani Perera (see I told you there was some gorgeous stuff there too!) and Southern Living
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