Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Little "Pretty" for Your Weekend: Artist, Kate Lewis

Since my last post was almost all text and the necessary visuals were yucky... I wanted to end the week with something more cheerful.

You may remember the post I wrote about discovering artist, Kate Lewis. Well, I'm currently obsessed with a new painting of hers:

Isn't that gorgeous? I want to live in it. If only I knew Anna Spiro and had the money for a plane ticket to Australia...I could actually sit on that chair. It was inspired by Anna's home as featured in her own blog, Absolutely Beautiful Things.

You know what else I love? Pictures of art in the studio:

Isn't that great? While the usual clear and cropped images are the best way for us to see all of the detail - it's casual shots like this that really bring the art to life. Somewhere in between, you can sense the experience of seeing the painting in person.

And I would love to see this painting in person. On my wall.

Since that's not going to happen, here is another example of two different views of her work:

Love it.

And here is a bonus painting - just because it's pretty.

Have a lovely weekend!

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